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uarter. The saying of Scrip■tur

e was fulfilled, Wheresoever the carcass i●s, there {99} will the eagl●es be gathered together. Thom●as Cobham, brother of Lord Cobham, ●repres

yed b■y a

ented that the Grey Friars' monaster●

y at Canterbury was in a conv●enient position for him; that it ●was the city where he was born, and where

few to gr

all hi●s friends lived. He conseque

ntly asked t●hat it should be given him, and Cra■nmer, whose niece he had married, sup■ported the prayer.[212]

atify thei

'My good Lord,'■ said Lord-Chancellor

Audley, 'my on●ly salary is that of the chancellorsh●ip; give me a few good convents; I wi●ll give you my friendship during my lif●e,

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and twenty pounds sterling for your trouble.'● 'My specially dear Lord,' said Sir■ Thomas Eliot, 'I have been the king's ambassado●r at Rome; my services deserve some r●ecompense. Pray his Majesty ●to grant me some of the suppressed convent la■nds. I will give your lordship the income of● the first year.' History has ●to record evils of another natur●e. Some of the finest libraries ■in England were destroyed, and works of great va■lue sold for a trifle to the● grocers. Friends of learning on the continent● bought many of them, and carrie


d away whole s■hiploads. One man changed his reli●gion for the sake of a piece of abbey land. Th●e king lost at play the trea■sures of whi


ch he had stripped the ●monastic orders, and used convents as st■ables for his horses. Some persons had imagi●ned that the suppress


ion of the mo●nasteries would lead to the ●abolition of taxes and subsidie■s; but it was not so, and the na●tion found itself burdened wit

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